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Odessa Hall – NEW BUILDING COMING 2024

The Odessa Hall is available for rent. It offers ample space to host your event and features a large dance floor adjacent to tables and seating for your guests. The facility also has a full service kitchen, full service bar, PA system, stage, coat check area, and washrooms. Contact the Village Office for booking information and pricing details today!

Odessa Community Center

Besides being the hub of Village economic and municipal activity, the Odessa Community Center also offers space that can be used by the community or rented for events.

This includes:

Gymnasium – Typical single volleyball court design with a stage at one end and an available stage extension. Has washroom facilities and a light PA system.

Seniors Room – Boasts seating for approx. 40 or 50, a kitchenette, and washroom facilities.

Odessa Fitness Center – Provides treadmills, eliptical trainers, various free weights, and fitness machines.

Contact the Village Office for booking information and pricing details today!

Odessa Community Arena

The Odessa Community Arena is a modern facility that is capable of hosting many events both large and small.

This includes:

  • Five spacious dressing rooms.
  • A 40′ x 100′ spacious lobby. Tables and chairs are available for raffle tables or any other needs.
  • An artificial ice surface measuring 85′ x 100′.
  • Full canteen with homemade hamburgers, pies, and baking. (Cash only)
  • A great PA system that can be used to play music or make announcements.
  • An area is available for liquor sales if you wish to purchase liquor permit and maintain a bar.
  • Local referees are available for tournaments and games.

For more information on ice rental and costs contact:

Byron Gaetz   (306) 529-2867  

Odessa Water and Sewer System

Odessa is fortunate enough to have access to a substantial aquifer. The water is filtered and treated in our freshly upgraded water plant. Part of the water and sewer system life extension project also saw a complete assessment of the existing infrastructure to ensure Odessa continues to have high quality water and sewer service into the future.

Odessa uses a flat rate billing system for water and sewer services. Please contact the Village Office regarding water and sewer matters.


Education in Odessa is provided by the Saskatchewan public school system and falls under the Prairie Valley School Division. Odessa youth are bussed from the Community Center bus loop to Vibank Regional School in neighbouring Vibank where Kindergarten to Grade 12 instruction is provided.

Garbage Service

The Village takes advantage of the garbage pick-up service provided by Lorras Disposal based in Regina. Pick-up occurs weekly on Tuesday and can happen at any time during the day. Be sure to put your trash out early to ensure it gets picked up.

Odessa also takes advantage of the curbside recycling program offered by Lorras Disposal. Collection is bi-weekly. More information to follow!

Odessa Landfill

Hours are currently Saturdays from 9AM to 12PM in the summer months. If you have any questions or special requests, please contact the Village Office

The Nuisance Ground Policy covers what items are acceptable and not acceptable for the Odessa Landfill.

Acceptable Items: Wood product, tree branches, garden materials, clean burnable building products, metal items/products.

Note: Approved demolition products will be charged a dumping fee per load. (Supervisor will decide what constitutes a load.)

Unacceptable Items: Oil, oil products or waste oil, used oil filters, paint, paint cans, plastic pails, plastic items including garbage bags, pesticide containers, asbestos material, automobile bodies, tires, batteries, industrial or hazardous waste.

All household waste must be deposited into residential grey Lorras bins.

Recyclable products can be deposited into your curbside recycling bin.

Road Maintenance

Road maintenance within the Village is performed by the Village Foreman and the service road is maintained by the Sask. Dept. of Highways.

Snow removal in the winter is performed primarily by the Village Foreman.


The primary park area in Odessa is the sports grounds situated between the church and the hall. It includes ball diamonds, green space, play structures, mud volleyball pits, washrooms, and a canteen. Adjacent to the sports ground is an additional playground that was rebuilt in 2012. Together they make for a fabulous green area in the village providing summer fun and leisure.

Odessa is also in close proximity to many other major parks.

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