Service Groups

911 Service

Odessa benefits from 911 coverage linking residents to First Responders, Fire Departments, Poilce, and Ambulance/STARS Air Ambulance services.

Odessa First Responders

Coordinator:Chris Wild

Odessa currently has nine members in the local First Responders group. All of the members are active in the community and also serve on the local Fire Department. New members are welcome!


Odessa typically gets its Ambulance service from the nearby community of Indian Head.

Air Ambulance

Air Ambulance services are provided by STARS out of Regina and can be on site in approximately 15 minutes. The local First Responders and Fire Department are trained to be able to work with STARS Air Ambulance.

Odessa Fire Department

Chairman:Dave Wild
Secretary/Treasurer:Quentin Glas
Fire Chief:Chris Wild
Deputy Chief:Dave Wild

Odessa currently has 29 members in the local Fire Department. Nine of which are also First Responders. The group has its own firetruck but also hosts the RM of Francis 127 pumper truck capable of delivering 1000 gallons of water. The RM truck is based in Odessa but can be dispatched anywhere in the RM as required. We have also added an Emergency Response vehicle which enables our First Responders to provide better service to the community. New members are always welcome!

The Fire Department is active through various community BBQ’s, blood donor clinics, fire extinuisher testing/purchase programs, and the purchase and maintenance of three AED’s for the community.

Training for STARS Air Ambulance has also been completed and a refresher program is in place to ensure local support for the program exists.

Police Services

Police services are provided by the RCMP. Odessa has access to detachments in Montmartre, Indian Head, White City, and Weyburn if necessary. Primary services are provided out of the Montmartre detachment.

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