Community Arena

Winter Sports in Odessa

Winter sports in Odessa have been a large part of community life for many years dating back even to the 1920’s. South of the #48 Highway and East of where the C.N.R. station was once situated, a good sized pond was formed by spring run-off. This made for a convenient skating surface.

In the following years of the 1930’s an open air rink was started where the sports grounds exist today. Later, in the late 30’s or early 40’s, the decision was made to create another open air rink which was built on the site of the present arena. This meant water had to be hauled and carried to make the ice. Given the nature of outdoor rinks, before the ice could be used, the snow had to be cleaned off with shovels or boards.

Eventually the desire for an enclosed ice surface led to the proceedings of Oct. 29th, 1964 where a contract was drawn up to build a closed in skating rink. Construction began after Nov. 1st, 1964. An opportunity to build a new modern facility meant that in the fall of 1992 the first enclosed rink was sold and moved to Weyburn.


Construction on the arena you see today began in the fall of 1990. The official opening ceremonies was Jan. 18th, 1992. Officiating at the ribbon cutting ceremonies were Mayor George N. Kress, MLA Lorne Scott, and ORA President Leonard Gaetz.

The current arena is a modern facility that is capable of hosting many events both large and small.

This includes:

  • Five spacious dressing rooms.
  • A 40′ x 100′ spacious lobby. Tables and chairs are available for raffle tables or any other needs.
  • An artificial ice surface measuring 85′ x 100′.
  • Full canteen with homemade hamburgers, pies, and baking. (Cash only)
  • A great PA system that can be used to play music or make announcements.
  • An area is available for liquor sales if you wish to purchase liquor permit and maintain a bar.
  • Local referees are available for tournaments and games.

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For more information on ice rental and costs contact:
Byron Gaetz   (306) 529-2867

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