The Village of Odessa was first settled in 1901 and at that time it was named Moserville after Mr. Moser who originally owned the land. When the railroad came in 1907, the name was changed to Magna. In 1911, after a community meeting, the name changed again; this time to Odessa as most of the early settlers came from Odessa, Russia.

The current population of Odessa is approximately 250.

Odessa is a community with heart and offers country living with a close urban centre for all your shopping and entertainment requirements.

Whether you are raising a family, retiring, or just wanting a better place to live, Odessa is a wonderful community to become a member of.

Strong communtiy commitment to the family makes Odessa the perfect place to raise your children, providing a safe environment to play and grow.

Odessa is waiting to welcome you with an unlimited quantity of peaceful silence, fresh air, and the quiet sounds of nature at your doorstep.

You are invited to take a tour of our community!

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