New Community Hall Updates

Community hall update: As you can see it is actually starting to look like a hall. Most painting is done, lights are being put up etc. First 2 pictures are the main seating area and dancing area. Picture 3 shows the women’s wash room. Picture 4 is in its early stages but this will be the bar area.

Hello Odessa Hall Followers. This is the most recent picture of our new hall and I must say “it’s looking good”. Hopefully the tinning will get done over the next couple of days. As well, insulating is going on inside. A huge THANK YOU to all of our great volunteers, from the tinning people, to the coffee and food suppliers. This would not be possible without all of you.

Ok it’s mid October and I’m behind on my reporting!!! So glad to see everything still standing after those hurricane type winds blew threw Saskatchewan this week. As you can see the hall is in full swing. Good to see.

FINALLY! The weather is starting to cooperate for “laying the ground work” so to speak, for Odessa’s upcoming new hall. Thanks to all of our volunteers who made this happen this past weekend. Stay tuned as News Anchor Joan 😝 will try and keep you up to date on a monthly basis on the hall building progress. As well our first draw for the 2022/2023 trip of the month is on Friday August 12 at 7:30. Tune into our Facebook page to see the draw live. We still have a few tickets left for sale so if anyone is wanting a last minute ticket or have any questions about the draw text Joan at (306) 539-2304. Remember there are only 400 tickets sold and your ticket will be in all 12 trip draws and 12 – $120 cash draws. Thanks to all of you who have already purchased a ticket and good luck 🤞

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